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'Tis the Season for Swords & Sandals

posted Dec 17, 2017, 4:05 AM by Gordon Doherty   [ updated Dec 9, 2018, 5:31 AM ]
Just a quick festive newsletter to let you know the latest in Doherty-world. I'm writing like a dervish, and balancing five projects at the moment. There's quite a big backlog of books ready or nearly ready to go but just awaiting placement (traditional publishing or self-publishing), so I'm hoping 2018 will be a prolific one release-wise. So what's on the go?

The Gothic War is shuddering towards a frantic finale and the net is closing in on Pavo as old enemies approach from every direction. I've only written one-third of the first draft, but it's like settling into a comfy old soldier tunic and boots. I have packed rather a lot of gutter humour into the draft so far... oh, and a fair few horrific deaths :-) The likelihood is I'll have this novel ready for summer (ish) next year.

Forged in Fire
The talented Ms. Prue Batten asked Simon Turney and me if we'd like to put together a boxed set of books in time for Christmas. We said yes, and here it is!

​The fire could be viewed as a) a furious blazing inferno of battle and destruction or b) a cosy Christmas log-fire by the tree. You might have read Strategos: Born in the Borderlands already, but if not, this boxed set might be for you - as it comes with Simon's Roman Epic 'Marius Mules' and Prue's excellent Byzantine Tryptich Chronicles opener 'Tobias'. All for the price of a coffee and a cake. Check it out here.

Empires of Bronze
So the Hittite saga I've been bleating on about for a while now? No, my dog hasn't eaten the script - it's just taking its time to find a home as mentioned. The series, when it arrives, will be known as 'Empires of Bronze', and it will catapult you back to an age before Rome had risen, before classical Greece too. To an age of the first great civilisations and ferocious heroes... and the odd cataclysmic battle here and there. Hoping this will see the light of day in 2018, and when it does, I'll be able to reveal much more about it. I might be completely biased but I believe it is going to be a real thrill-ride of a read - a bit like this pic, even:

Inline image 7

Joint Project with Secret Agent Turney
When the fox flies at midnight and the blue-eyed goat sings soprano... okay, we dispensed with the super-secrecy a while ago: Simon and I have nearly completed a trilogy set in the time of Constantine the Great, during his rise to power. It's a real pow-wow of powerful personas, me taking up the mantle as Constantine and Simon as his great rival, Maxentius. It's Roman, it's written by me and Simon... therefore, as well as having a high number of fart jokes in it, it also promises to be another cracker. Fingers crossed and this might land in 2018 too.

Super-secret project #2
It's super-secret, and super-exciting. All I can say is: watch this space!

So that's what's going on with me. Now, it's time for a break, a mince pie and a beer :)
All the very best to you and your families for the festive period and best of health for 2018.

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