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Beauty in Imperfection

posted Aug 9, 2011, 10:24 AM by Gordon Doherty   [ updated Jan 27, 2015, 3:40 AM ]
Historical fictionista Taylor Ward over at All Things Historical Fiction has kindly agreed to have me post a guest blog on her site.
I thought long and hard about the topic of the post, then I realised I was making life difficult for myself - why not just post about what you love? So I did! Beauty in Imperfection gives a short background to my love of the later Roman Empire and Byzantium. Added to this, there is a giveaway of Legionary to go with it!
"It was a characteristically bleak autumn afternoon in Northumberland as I sauntered along the tumbled ruins of Hadrian’s Wall. After an obligatory imagining of myself kitted out in legionary armour, barking out orders to my cohort, I sat down to take in the landscape. I tried to envisage the rolling hills in the age when the auxiliaries of Britannia would have lined this ominous frontier and garrisoned the forts, milecastles and watchtowers. I imagined a firm and seemingly eternal signpost shouting out to all and sundry ‘This is Rome and she’s here to stay!’ Yet now I could see only the squat remains of foundations and surrounding rubble and the Romans were long gone. A question entered my thoughts, demanding to be answered: how had the greatness of Rome faded from the invincibility of the pax romana to this?