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Legionary: The Blood Road - Gallery

This page holds the relevant maps, diagrams and photographs that might be helpful to readers in understanding the world described in 'Legionary: Empire of Shades'. Click on the links below for more information.

The Official Trailer

The Goths had the run of Thracia in 381 AD, and large parts of northern Macedonia too.

As a result, the remaining Eastern legions were pinned in the few cities which the Goths could not take. Here we see 4th c AD legionaries manning an onager (catapult) up on top of a turret. I'm not sure what the leaping fellow at the back is doing, pretending he's batman?

Left to right: a reconstruction of Roman Thessalonica; looking inland across the modern city; a vista of the coast where the Roman harbour would have been (roughly).

The clifftop coastal stronghold of Dionysopolis.


1. Interactive Map - click on any pin to see details and photos of the relevant location.

2. The Roman Empire circa 381 AD. Click image to enlarge.

3. The Gothic-occupied Diocese of Thracia and the Epicentre of the Gothic Wars circa 381 AD. Click image to enlarge.

4. The wards of early Theodosian-era Constantinople. Click image to enlarge.

5. The strategically-vital Roman city of Thessalonica. Click image to enlarge.


1. The respective armies of the Western (L) and Eastern (R) Empires, circa 381 AD. As is apparent, Gratian had far greater military resources ot call upon in this era, the Eastern regiments having been greatly 'pruned' (by Gothic longswords!) at the Battle of Adrianople. Click on the images to enlarge.

2. Structure of the XI Claudia Legion. Click image to enlarge.

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