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Legionary: Empire of Shades - Gallery

This page holds the relevant maps, diagrams and photographs that might be helpful to readers in understanding the world described in 'Legionary: Empire of Shades'. Click on the links below for more information.

The stages of the Gothic War (left-right): revolt, pillage and then victory. And that's where Legionary: Empire of Shades begins - in a fallen land. Thanks to Osprey Publishing for this excellent artwork.

Wonders such as Constantinople were now more like refuges - one of the few places in Thracia still under imperial control thanks to its sturdy walls.

The fragments of the legions well-beaten at Adrianople were driven to the edges of Thracia, some, like the XI Claudia, no doubt taking refuge in the heights of the wintry Rhodope Mountains. Up there they would have suffered nightmares of the Adrianople defeat and felt a sense of hopelessness - their emperor was dead and their homeland had been conquered.

But a new emperor would come, with promises of turning the Gothic War around. Theodosius I made the city of Thessalonica his base of operations. Above, the city and it's famous Galerius Rotunda.
Yet in order to repair his critically-depleted armies, Theodosius would be forced to look to the most unexpected of places for fresh recruits... the lands of Barbaricum!  (left: the Carpathian Mountains, right: the woods and hills nearby)


1. Interactive Map - click on any pin to see details and photos of the relevant location.

2. The Roman Empire circa 379 AD. Click image to enlarge.

3. The Gothic-occupied Diocese of Thracia and the Epicentre of the Gothic Wars circa 379 AD. Click image to enlarge.


1. High command structure of the Eastern Roman Empire circa 378 AD. Click image to enlarge.

2. Structure of the XI Claudia Legion. Click image to enlarge.

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