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This page holds the relevant maps, diagrams and photographs that might be helpful to readers in understanding the world described in 'Empires of Bronse: Son of Ishtar'. 
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Official Trailer

Artwork & Photography

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Left: The cover art from the audio edition - another top-notch creation from MoreVisual Ltd.
Middle: Hattusa, the Hittite capital, as seen from the west. Artwork courtesy of Simon Walpole. 
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Right: A snap of Hattusa, looking from the northwest. In the foreground we see a modern reconstruction of a section of the lower town's curtain wall, and in the background we see the rugged Ambarlikaya rock, and further behind the acropolis heights.

Left: The Hittite King* with a Golden Spearman (elite acropolis sentry) on his right and a Mesedi (elite bodyguard) on his left. Note the characteristic long dark hair and upturned boot-toes. *Also note that this image shows the king with a beard - something I believe to be inaccurate, as beardlessness was something of a defining Hittite characteristic! (Credit to Osprey Publishing for the artwork)
Right: Hittite officers, discussing the plan of the march. (Credit to Osprey Publishing for the artwork)
Left: Nerik, a vital Hititte mound-city that fell to the Kaskan mountain men of the north and - for a long time - lay in ruin.
Right: A Hittite warrior division - the rank-and-file men who would be tasked with Nerik's recovery! (Credit to Osprey Publishing for the artwork)


1. Interactive Map - click on any pin to see details and photos of the key locations in 'Son of Ishtar'.

2. The superpowers of the Bronze Age. Click image to enlarge.

3. The Hittite heartlands. Click image to enlarge.

4. Hattusa, the Hittite capital. Click image to enlarge.


1. Semi-speculative structure of the Hittite Army. Click image to enlarge.

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